Empanadas maker

Empanadas maker

Since series production emerged during the nineteenth century, the speed in the production process itself has been one of the most important factors to consider.

Without losing sight of the quality, of course, it is more than obvious to consider that, the greater the volume of production, the higher the level of sales and the satisfaction of the customers who, every day, demand more.

In this way, they are complying with local and global requirements for food processing, according to which this steel is indicated for this purpose, for reasons of hygiene and safety.

Following this same conceptual line, we have empanadas shapers drastically reduce production processes so that those who manufacture this product can meet the demand of the final consumer.

Empanadas maker "ECD-140"

  • Built in stainless steel, powered by two gearmotors and two pneumatic cylinders.
  • Changeable heads to make different sizes and shapes of empanadas.
  • Hopper system to dose the filling.
  • Command panel with manual and automatic functions controlled by PLC.
  • Safety systems for the operator and the machine.
  • Dough sheet calibration.
  • Longitudinal cut of the dough sheet
  • Dosage
  • Conformation
  • Stamping and cutting
  • Extraction of the finished product

  • 75 HP gearmotor calibrator
  • Motor conveyor belt 0.25 HP

THE “ECD-140” TEAM: THE BEST MARKET Empanadas maker

Traditionally, empanadas were made by cutting discs, which prevented the speed required to meet the intense consumer demand for this exquisite product.

And, what about the distributors, who saw how it was very difficult for them to meet the delivery times, for those who were in charge of the direct sale of the empanadas themselves.

Fortunately, today we have the best of industrial machines, to optimize production times. This is the “ECE 15” machine, which works from a single dough machine.

It is made of stainless steel, thus complying with local, regional and global standards, in regards to food processing.

Now, another factor that implies a true “added value” of the “ECD-140”, consists in the possibility of elaborating different kinds of empanadas, with regard to their shape and size.

This is achieved, thanks to its changeable heads. Another engineering feature of this machine is that it is powered by two gearmotors and two pneumatic cylinders.

The hopper system for dosing the filling is another of the great advantages of the "ECD-140", in addition to its command panel with manual and automatic functions controlled by PLC.

In addition, from the points of view of industrial safety (the protection of the integrity of the operator) and the durability of the machine itself, we have that the “ECD-140” enjoys the best of safety systems.


Other of the innumerable advantages of the “ECD-140”, are: the calibration and the longitudinal cut of the sheet of mass, the dosage (very important factor), the conformation and the stamping and cutting.

This magnificent machine finally extracts the finished product, that is, the pie.

Continuing, now, with the advantages from a technical perspective, let's say that the "ECD-140" has a 0.75 HP (horsepower) gearmotor caliper.

In addition, it has a conveyor belt with 0.25 HP geared motor.

Now, considering the "space factor" as a fundamental ingredient in our day, we have the dimensions of the "ECD-140" has the following measures:

  • 1,630 millimeters high.
  • 1,000 mm wide.
  • 2,500 millimeters long.

As we have been able to realize, then, we are in front of the best of the industrial machines for forming empanadas.


Selmaq gives you the following After-Sales benefits

  • Technical service for this and other brands.
  • Technical mass advice.
  • Own spare parts (immediate response).
  • Start-up of the equipment.
  • Staff training.
  • General advice for the line of work.
  • Adjustment of factors and working time to improve the production and preparation of the final product.
  • Advice and guidance on purchases of gastronomic equipment of different brands.
  • We help you choose the best product for raw materials.
  • We are able to deliver a “turnkey” factory.
  • Teams trained to protect operator safety.

Place your order and / or an inquiry and we will call you shortly.

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