Services After-Sales

The after-sales service in regards to our food machinery is the true reflection of the dedication and effort that has always distinguished us through so many years of experience and excellent service.

We have highly qualified technical personnel to attend, as soon as possible, all the requirements of our customers regarding the technical operation of the machines and the way of manufacturing doughs and fillings for empanadas.

And, in addition, with respect to the manufacture of the discs of the empanadas themselves, the fresh pasta, the noodles, the gnocchi and the pizzas, to only mention some of the products that are elaborated by means of our machines.

To optimize, even more, the great after-sales service that characterizes us, we have “up-to-date” technical update programs.

The high degree of loyalty of our large clientele certifies it.

Professional technical advice and remote technical assistance

While our pie makers, pie disc cutters, mixers, packaging machines, rolling mills and flour mills, among others, offer high safety standards (very few breaks), they are not exempt from unforeseen events.

Our qualified technical staff will be at your immediate disposal, for commissioning and any repairs that are required.

Now, aware that entrepreneurship and SMEs have become important engines of the economy in all latitudes, our professional technical advice will always be attentive to guide them in the best way.

Orientation this, which focuses on the use of products and the manufacture of pasta and fillings through our gastronomic equipment.

Manufacture of gastronomic equipment

A "plus" that feeds the quality of our services, lies in the remote technical assistance via telephone, Skype, email and other technological tools, on machinery operation queries and minor problems.

We have arranged all the technological resources of communication with our current and potential clients, so that we can deal with the necessary issues with the large number of countries in which we are present and in the required languages.

Technical assistance in plant, commissioning and adjustment of work environment for our food machinery.

We are aware that service excellence must be distinguished by true “field work”. Theorizing alone is not enough for our customers to start their businesses.

For this purpose, we implement semi-automatic work systems, solve all kinds of production problems and adjust the machines supplied in such a way that they give the entrepreneur the maximum performance, with a minimum of waste.

Manufacture of gastronomic equipment

Once we have finished manufacturing the equipment, we undertake the commissioning of the equipment, taking into account the maximum productivity of the machines and the safety of the operators regarding their personal integrity.

Industrial safety is one of our permanent and unflagging goals. The human being is, for us, the raison d'être of the mission and vision of Selmaq.

Now, when it comes to adjusting the work environment, our specialized technicians will always keep in mind that ergonomics is a primary ingredient.

In this way, then, our staff will put their knowledge and experience at the service of maximum productivity for the entrepreneur. Bring the gastronomic equipment to the exact point of maximum production with a minimum of waste, is the permanent work of our technicians.

Now, industrial production assembly, in general, can be a complex task. But, qualified Selmaq staff will allow our entrepreneurial clients to develop the assembly, with optimal advice “from scratch”.