Dough sheeter

Dough sheeter

Of all the mass rolling modules currently available in the virtual and physical markets, our “MDC 400” is the one with the highest approval levels.

A dough sheeter is another of the essential machines in the production process of many types of food, especially those in which the dough of flour is basic.

We reiterate, once again, that all our machinery is of high performance and effectiveness so that the speed and quality (so necessary in the food sector), will be “the order of the day” with us.

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Dough sheeter "MDC 400"

  • Standard working width of 600mm.
  • 400mm rollers, coated in hard chrome and matt blasting finish, which perform their opening and closing electronically in an environment of 0 to 45mm.
  • The speeds of the rollers and tapes of each module are variable and individual. Both this and the thickness of the dough in process are programmable since it has PLC.
  • This module can be related to other modules through sanitary conveyor belts, achieving a rolling mill.
  • The structure is constructed of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The installed power of each module is 5.5HP.
  • In addition to the devices that protect against installation errors and the mains, this equipment has emergency stops on both sides and a safety gate in the entry of rollers that causes automatic disconnection, thus providing operator safety.


Our “MDC 400” dough sheeter has a standard working width of 600 mm. With regard to rollers, we have that high technology distinguishes them first and foremost.

Thus, these 400 mm rollers have a hard chrome coating and a "matt blasting" finish, which make their opening and closing electronically in an environment of 0 to 45 mm.

Regarding the speeds of the rollers themselves and the tapes of each module, we have that they are variable and individual. It is, therefore, a highly technical mixer.

To corroborate what has been said, we also have that both the tapes and the thickness of the mass being processed are programmable, since a PLC is available.

Now, our “MDC 400” mass lamination module can be connected to other modules by means of sanitary conveyor belts, thus achieving a “rolling mill”.


on the other hand, we have that the structure of the dough sheeter "MDC 400" is built in stainless steel type "AISI 304".

This aspect fully guarantees the hygiene and safety required, when it comes to food processing machinery.

Thus, we also comply with all local, regional and international regulations regarding hygiene and safety standards, required for the benefit of the Consumer.

The satisfaction of Consumer Rights is one of the characteristic notes that distinguish us from many other companies in the sector.

To ratify, even more, what we have just said, let's say that the module cover is also made of stainless steel "AISI 304".

Let's see, now, what refers to the installed power of the module of mass rolling "MDC 400". For each module, it is 5.5 HP (Horsepower).

Finally, let's say that the safety of this machine is most guaranteed. On the one hand, it has devices that protect it from installation errors and the power grid.

In addition, this kneader has emergency stops on both sides of the machine and a safety gate in the entrance of the rollers that causes it to disconnect automatically.

In this way, the personal integrity of the operator is protected, which is one of our greatest concerns when designing and manufacturing all the machines for which we are sufficiently known and commercially respected.


Selmaq gives you the following After-Sales benefits

  • Technical service for this and other brands.
  • Technical mass advice.
  • Own spare parts (immediate response).
  • Start-up of the equipment.
  • Staff training.
  • General advice for the line of work.
  • Adjustment of factors and working time to improve the production and preparation of the final product.
  • Advice and guidance on purchases of gastronomic equipment of different brands.
  • We help you choose the best product for raw materials.
  • We are able to deliver a “turnkey” factory.
  • Teams trained to protect operator safety.

Place your order and / or an inquiry and we will call you shortly.

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