Flow-Pack packing machine

Flow-Pack packing machine

When we talk about finished food products, it is essential to refer to packaging.

From the perspective of the final consumer, we have to absolutely present a packaged product in the most attractive but, above all, functional way.

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Flow-Pack packing machine "MEH 180"

  • Movements mounted on self-lubricated armored bearings.
  • STM geared motors of Italian manufacture, with “endless” and rectified crown that are maintenance free.
  • Operator safety system and emergency stop.
  • It is an electromechanical or PLC packaging machine.
  • Termination with stainless steel.
  • Enough stock of spare parts and a magnificent after-sales service.
  • 2,400 mm long,
  • Height is 1,700 mm
  • Width is 700 mm
  • It weighs approximately 380 kilos


It is necessary to break down the treatment of this aspect, from its different points of view. On the one hand, it is clear that for marketing purposes the presentation is essential.

But, on the other hand and more importantly, the functionality and compliance with the sanitary norms in force in almost all the countries of the world, are other fundamental factors.

From the aforementioned, it is clearly concluded that the Flow Pack packing machine plays a fundamental role in the food sector of the economy.

Now, if the packaging is important from the perspective of those who ultimately consume the product, it is also, of course, for those who will package it for distribution.

Let's be more explicit and specific. In the same way that the productive processes of the food, in itself, must be fast and of quality, the packaging must also be.

For purposes, above all things, to meet the high demand of the packers, distributors and the final consumer is essential compliance, which is nothing more than a reflection of the speed of the packaging itself.

Now, the resounding success obtained with our range of “flow pack” packaging machines, led us to the manufacture of the new “MEH 180”.


Continuing with the transcendence of the visualization of the finished product, by the client, we have that the engineering embodied in this new machine is ideal for the packaging of products such as empanadas, hamburgers, sandwiches, alfajores, etc.

On the other hand but in the same order of ideas, we have that the speed (another ingredient of crucial importance) of the Flow Pack “MEH 180” is such that it can pack up to 56 units per minute.

The above, thanks to its speed controlled by electronic drives.

In addition, it consists of a centering device for printing by electronic photocell and a date head, essential to capture in the package processing and expiration dates, lot, origin and others.

All these are data required by regulations, to adapt to Consumer Rights.

Our new “flow pack” model has an electromechanical system, by virtue of which it allows the change of heads, to adapt easily to the different measures of the different products.

But, one of the most important virtues of this machine, is that the geared motors go directly to the axles, so the pinions, lubrications, chains, etc. are not necessary.

as virtudes más importantes de esta máquina, radica en que los motorreductores van directamente a los ejes, por lo que no son necesarios los piñones, las lubricaciones, las cadenas, etc.


Selmaq gives you the following After-Sales benefits

  • Technical service for this and other brands.
  • Technical mass advice.
  • Own spare parts (immediate response).
  • Start-up of the equipment.
  • Staff training.
  • General advice for the line of work.
  • Adjustment of factors and working time to improve the production and preparation of the final product.
  • Advice and guidance on purchases of gastronomic equipment of different brands.
  • We help you choose the best product for raw materials.
  • We are able to deliver a “turnkey” factory.
  • Teams trained to protect operator safety.

Place your order and / or an inquiry and we will call you shortly.

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